Well, what a weekend.

We had a fantastic time training in Cheddar this weekend. The place we stayed was incredible (there will be pics soon), absoutely stunning with some great people there. The rockfaces were fun (including the falling boulders!) and we did some excellent training – perhaps not everything that we wanted to get done, but we certainly got value out of the time. Personally, I brushed up on some of my rope working skills, exercised my skills at looking at belay locations and looked at how flexible our systems can be when changing the anchors around, yet keeping the same basic components in place. I also brushed up my stretcher-handling and rigging skills, which to be honest I needed. Today, I worked on something new – pick-offs. It’s basically when a rescuer is lowered to a casualty, the rescuer attaches the casualty to the rescue system and finally they’re both lowered to the ground. It can be used for uncooperative casualties as well, which is something I worked on today – trying to take Dave off the rockface, as he was pretending to be a scared and crag-fast casualty. Much fun.

So after coming home and sitting down for all of 30 seconds, I found that my Internet connection was down. After digging a bit, I realise that it’s not, it’s just I’ve been migrated to my new ADSLMax connection. Woohoo. A little playing and I’m now on my nice fast connection, currently hitting 6.7Mbps.

I managed to get it working just in time, as I was just sorting out some stuff downstairs and finding my hayfever stuff when Sean came online. Woot. *grin* So we talked for a while – I hadn’t realised how much I missed hearing his voice every night, I mean we talk about stupid stuff sometimes, and I wondered whether it was worth not talking for a few days just so we had something more interesting to talk about, but the last few nights I’ve been missing his voice a lot, especially with his rather unfortunate time in customs.

So now I need to sort out the bedroom – the window has been open for the last few weeks and the place is full of pollen – when I went to bed before I left, I was having awful hayfever attacks after I went to bed, so I need to change my bedclothes and hoover everything in that room, including the blinds, and anywhere where pollen could land – thankfully, I have a Dyson with a HEPA filter, so it’s not a problem. It is, however, a pain in the arse – if anyone wants to make money, find a cure for hayfever. Please.

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  1. anonymous says:

    must say it was a cracking weekend.. although i’m now suffering with a cold and think i may have tonsilitis coming on! humph. see ya thurs hun. Lyn. xx