What a night.

I went to bed around 0100 after talking to Sean – he’s arrived in Canada which was not without its drama but nothing he couldn’t handle, bless ‘im.

So 0300 I was up getting druugs. My hayfever was the worst it’s been in years, actually waking me up and not letting me go back to sleep. So I took a full set, antihistamines, decongestant tablet and spray and eye drops, the whole works. Off back to sleep…

…only to be dragged into life again about 20 minutes ago with the pagers going off. Apparently there’s a search on for a chap in Neath who has serious head injuries. Only one Landrover is going because of our Cheddar training and I can’t afford the diesel in mine and Chris, who’s giving me a lift to Cheddar, isn’t going either, so I’m about to go back to bedto get some more sleep before we leave for Cheddar. Hayfever is still back with a vengeance at the moment. Joy.


One Response to “Callouts and sneezing”

  1. bronchitikat says:

    Have a good time in Cheddar, & hope yr hayfever gets knocked on the head good & soon.