Gah. What a night. I was intent on going to bed early last night because I was actually quite tired. So I went up and was talking to Sean until 0100…oops. Dropped off to sleep easily enough though… …to be woken at around 0200 by my legs itching. On Saturday Jon and I went a-wandering and came accross a bit of bog that we had to navigate through. I have a cracking picture of Jon taking the lead in this year’s Bog-Trotter award. I was wearing shorts and my arms and legs got scratched to buggery but worse than that, something in the local flora seems to have irritated my skin. I jumped into a cold shower to try and cool both me and my skin down which worked a treat, unusually. I was soon back asleep again… …only to be woken again at 0450 by what I was convinced was a bomb. As the enormous bang rolled around the valleys and echoed, I realised that it was the biggest clap of thunder I’ve heard in my life – it has to be to have woken me up, since I sleep like the proverbial log. I had jumped out of bed, sure that something terrible was happenning – thanks to my sleepy state, that noise went straight to my subconscious and produced a classical fight-of-flight response, dumping a few pints of adrenaline into my blood. I did manage to get back to sleep OK, though be buggered if I was running this morning after a night like that. *yawn* Sleeeeeeeeeeep….

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2 Responses to “On the futility of sleep…”

  1. asthmatickitten says:

    Current music: Disney’s Lion King – Hakuna Ma

    +tata? 😉

    Anyways, bogtrotting is fun … I’ve just about gotten the orange washed out of my skin 🙂


  2. taffyboy says:

    Er, yeah, ID3 info sorted. 🙂

    Hrm, I dislike being wet and squidgy. Makes for a less enjoyable walk, and is hard work on the washing machine. I have enough walks in the mountains where being wet and squidgy isn’t optional, so I treasure the ones where it is.

    Itchy welts from flora however, is another matter.