It’s something past 3 in the morning and for the first time in a while, I’m having trouble sleeping. Mainly because Sean left this afternoon, and it’s odd without him – I can still feel his presence in the house. So having finished reading a cracking good story [Do Over and it’s sequels], I’m sat here wondering what else I can do to try and make myself tired – so blog update it is. 🙂

I’ve had a pretty good week, with Sean staying the whole time. It’s been wonderful to have someone you love in the house again, and I even managed the immortal words “Honey, I’m home!” when I came back from work (ok, so I got a slap for that). Despite the both of us loving walking, none of that happened this week for various reasons. We spent most of the time cudling on the couch watching TV, talking and geeking mainly because the weather’s been a bit miserable. I’m working on getting him to ignore the weather, but that’s going to take some time, mainly because I already have the kit because of MR, but he’s still building his kit up. He’s off to Canada in a few weeks – he’s spending two months travelling and visiting friends out there. That’s going to be quite tough, with me stuck here, but in the meantime, I’ve decided that I’m going to take steps to get fitter.

That whole decision has been prompted by a few things, but one of them is the eviction of my tenant, Damien. His actions have caused me to lose my trust in him, and with the council rejecting his application for housing benefit a second time (again, because he couldn’t be arsed to get up and do something, but the council’s been incredibly creative in their incompetence and obstruction again) I can’t afford him here anymore. His mother signed as a guarantor, so she’s now involved and as a result he’s been staying up there for the last few days. No idea how this is going to pan out…

So anyway, the house is back to being just me (apart from the weird phone calls from the Chinese girl who fancies Damien and keeps calling – “Hallo? What you doing? Me love you! <click>”), so over the next few weeks, I’m going to change my schedule, and start running in the mornings. Ok, so at the start it might be more walking than running, but it’s a start. I’m also moving the weights back into the spare room for now, so that I can get some exercise done.

Blarg. Time to try sleeping again I think.

7 Responses to “The week as it was…”

  1. bronchitikat says:

    “I’m working on getting him to ignore the weather”

    Keep working. Horizontal rain, snow, hail is kinda hard to ignore – if yr not having to be out there on a shout!

  2. mumsey_onroad says:

    We have uber fast internet here, so Sean will be able to keep in touch, but I’ll warn you now – too much time spent indoors, on the computer, when he should be ‘out’ – and access will become severely limited. My mantra of ‘outside, healthy food, sleep’ applies especially to visiting Brits who’ve come here to see the scenery. The barn does NOT have internet.

  3. ziggadon says:

    No offense to Aled (really!) but when I’m in a place like Canada where I’m unlikely to be back again for a long time, I’ll be too busy running around taking pictures and stuff (like mowing the lawn 😉 ) to be inside on a computer. Unless it’s supremely hot, and then I’ll be learning Canadian recipes offa Jim. Or dying of heatstroke, one of the two.

    – S

  4. mumsey_onroad says:

    It’ll be hot in Ontario (when you’re visiting Matt). I’m not looking forward to that combination of heat and humidity.

    Here on the westcoast it is ‘temperate’ (rainforest), so although we never get bitterly cold in the winter, it is also never supremely hot. Our temperatures are moderated by that big body of water west of us. And if it is hot, Jim won’t be cooking (unless it’s on the BBQ).

    But glad to hear I won’t have to get the stick out. The lawn does need mowing. Mind the rabbit holes, though.

  5. ziggadon says:

    Do remember that temperate will probably mean ‘hotter than the UK’.

    Well, if he’s not cooking, I shall be found with my head in a sink of cold water 😉

    And my feet are too big to step into rabbit holes. Even if I do fall into one, my head will stop me. (And now I’m singing Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit)

  6. mumsey_onroad says:

    If it’s too hot you shall be sent to the beach. It’s like a BIG sink of cold water. If you’re lucky you’ll get to go swimming in the phosphorescence at night. Quite the experience.

    Are your feet bigger than Jon’s? (No comment, none at all, about him falling into a rabbit hole … none whatsoever. I didn’t say anything …)

    And the song ‘White Rabbit’ would probably better apply to the ‘shrooms out under the barn. (No, don’t eat them.)

  7. ziggadon says:

    Ah! Of course! You have a beach! That’s a novel idea to me who’s never lived anywhere near one.

    No, I don’t think they are. You must have bigger rabbits out in Canada then.

    Noted. Mushrooms not to be eaten.