Ok, so I decided that I finally need to get off my butt and get some serious gut-busting exercise to try and get rid of these extra few inches I’m packing. I’m hoping to start getting up early (0500 maybe?) and run a little before work, as well as doing some weight training in the house of an evening. Today was the starter for 10…

Planned out a route of about 4 miles. For those of you who’ve been to my house, it was down to the village, up the quarries on the other side, around the top of Senghenydd Dyke and around to Glawnant farm before heading down the road. This didn’t quite work out, as I found out a few things:

  • I’m not as fit as I thought I was
  • That’s quite a steep hill opposite – 140m ascent in 300m
  • I can’t jog up steep hills
  • I’m better at long slogs than fast bursts
  • It was very windy today (40mph apparently)
  • Your first run after being ill is a tough one

So I didn’t pace myself well enough and killed myself trying to run up that first hill. Not good. At the top, I decided to cut it a little short, and so I dropped it down to about 2 miles, and headed down. I had a fairly long stop at the top trying to catch my breath back from stupidly trying to run up that hill, so my time for that was a staggering 57 minutes. *sulk* I was expecting better, though I’ve always had problems with fast starts – if you want me to walk from 8am to 10pm, not a problem. Ask me to run a mile, and I’m buggered. Hopefully I can fix that.

So I’ll shortly be playing a little with some of the free weights and the ab cruncher to get some good out of today.

I’m hoping I can stick to this schedule:

Weekends: Mountain walking
Monday: Run only  (ATC on Monday nights)
Tuesday: Run, arms and chest
Wednesday: Run, abs
Thursday: Run only (Mountain Rescue training)
Friday: Run, arms and chest

So, with a bit of luck, when Sean comes back from Canada, he’ll be able to see *some* kind of change, I hope. Maybe I’ll even get back to juicing as well…

Watch this space, you may even see weight or waist measurements if I’m feeling generous. Alternatively, ignore this and let me use it as a personal diary. Whatever. 😛

4 Responses to “New exercise regime: Day 1”

  1. asthmatickitten says:

    … I might be persuaded to join you for the mountain walking bit if you want someone to feel fitter than … I’m regretting saying “er, sorry” about this weekend, all told 🙂


  2. taffyboy says:

    Yay, that’s cool. It’s much more fun walking with people. Though I’m going to be using the weekends to do some hard walking from time to time, so good if you want to get fit, not necessarily a gentle bimble though… 🙂

    And to nick a phrase from Moulin Rouge:
    Come what may I will always…be on the Mountain. That’s weather I’m talking of here. You may want to get some walking trousers that aren’t jeans. 🙂 I’ll take you to Cotswold’s if you want.

  3. asthmatickitten says:

    Getting fit wouldn’t go amiss here either – I’ve been realising quite how seriously out of shape I am recently, what with one thing and another…

    … and the problem with walking trousers is that they cost money, of which I have none at the moment 🙂


  4. codmate says:

    Weights will make you put on weight (muscle weighs more than fat).
    Running and similar sports will help you lose it.