My ADSL has been down yesterday and today, so poor Sean has been sat at home doing not-very-much, especially with the weather so wet.

So I looked into it yesterday, but got not much farther than “the filter rattles” so I replaced that, and still no joy – my Cisco was showing teh ATM interface as down/down. So Zen get a call…

…and as of a few minutes ago, it’s back up. In a fit of efficiency, BT seem to have fixed it in a single day…my God.

In other news, never ever work with academicians on a practical industry problem. I did a favour for Nathan last night, dcpromo-ing a server for him. I ended up configuring GPOs, an ADSL router and a DHCP server. *sigh* I’m back on Monday evening to finish off for him. Hopefully he’ll remember the CDs this time… *grin*

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