We’ve just had a message distributed accross the pagers – apparently the West Brecon Cave Rescue team’s Landrover has been stolen. What a bunch of bastards. We all, as voluntary 999 organisations spend a huge amount of time asking the public and grant-giving organisations for money in order to support us in saving lives. The CRO in particular do some incredible work – I for one can tell you, I wouldn’t go to some of the spots they go.

So if anyone spots a white Landrover with CAVE RESCUE painted down the side, it’s a white long-wheel base Landrover, registration number X338 DCY – please call the Police IMMEDIATELY. I’m hoping they can get their vehicle back soon, if anything like ours, it’s probably full of equipment as well which is likely to knock them out of operation.

Thanks all.

Update: Firstly I’ve corrected the registration from DCU to X338 DCY. I’ve also had some more information – the vehicle was stolen from the CRO base at Penwyllt where the thieves have smashed the base up and stolen the equipment that the team uses. I’ve got some pictures of the vehicles which will go up shortly.

2 Responses to “Help – bastard thieves”

  1. asthmatickitten says:

    OK, so what exactly drives these bloody morons to do this kinda crap … I hope they fall down a hole somewhere and do something painful to themselves.


  2. bronchitikat says:

    I just hope they now don’t need yr services as rescuers, that’s all.