What an absolutely brilliant week this has been. This is an update to all you friends out there about this whole week, so it’s long and hidden behind a cut for your sanity. *grin*

Sean arrived on Friday and after heading out to Cotswold’s quickly, we headed off to Charleston’s for a nice meal. From there, we decided to pop into the Golden Cross for a quick drink – where Sean stumbled accross some friends from the Aberystwyth Uni LGB society who were having a night out in Cardiff. Somewhat unconfortably, one of Sean’s ex-flings was part of the same group, and so we had a few uncomfortable minutes deciding what to do – he wanted to ang around say hi to some good friends, but didn’t really want to see ‘Mojo’ (the ex-fling). We headed off after dropping a few text messages and popped into the Kings to say hi to his friends. Fortunately, awkward moments were avoided as was Mojo.

We headed off to Jon’s flat where we all sat chatting until about 0130, when I realised what time it was and headed home. The following morning I headed into Cardiff, and did a little food shopping with Jon and Sean in tow, before we headed off to Senghenydd for some lunch. Lunch occurred about 1500, which we decided was a little late to start walking, so we dropped Jon off in Pontypridd while Sean and I headed up to Llanddeusant to spend a nice evening with a few of the guys from the team. We set up the tent and airbed and had a few drinks before having dinner in the pub, then back to the tents for cheese and biscuits and lots of beer and wine. Four team members and our respective partners and kids, alcohol, food and tents in the shadown of the Beacons – what could be better, which is what Sean thought too. Until we finally went to bed, which is when I found out that the nice self-inflating double airbed that I have has developed a leak. So we spent the night trying to sleep (hold the comments from the peanut gallery, thankyou!), but had to perform CPR on the airbed several times during the night. Caused some interesting comments in the morning from the occupiers of the tents around us. Apparently they were impressed with our rhythm…

Anyway, in the mornign we headed back here and we basically spent some time just relaxing and getting to know each other a bit better…and we both realised that we enoyed each other’s comany…a lot. Then, I got tonsillitis. Arrghhh…

So the next few days were spent mostly in the house, watching films, talking and mainly spending time together, which was really nice. We went to the cinema once and went for a little drive up to Llyn Brianne – we took a little picnic, but encountered torrential rain, so after running outside to see what all the fuss was about, we sat in the car and ate the picnic, listening to the rain outside. It was sprisingly nice.

Yesterday we spent walking the Beacons – a bimble up to Pen-Y-Fan and the surrounding peaks in what turned into an absolutely gorgeous day. We got back, tried and hungry, and after I cooked a nice meal (Sean is picking up some cooking tips ready for student life), Stress arrived, courtesy of some family illness and someone being an arse. So after a nice de-stressing bath (thanks Radox!) we snuggled up.

So it’s Saturday and we’ve only got today and tomorrow left before Sean heads back on Monday – something which we’d both like to change, but Sean quite rightly needs to head home – he has 101 things to do and his mother is still recouperating from recent surgery and needs help around the house. Maybe I’ll teach Sean how to hoover before he leaves…*ducks and runs*

We both seem to have found some very deep feelings for each other this week, which I think has surprised us both. Right now, we’re just going take each day at a time and see how things go. I am, however, rather bouncy. *grin*

Anyway, after this week, we’ll return you to your usual schedule of updates.

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  1. taffyboy says:

    Look, look – I didn’t rant about last night at all, aren’t I a good boy?

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