Blimey, and I thought we had a busy weekend. Looks like the lads up North were even busier.

So I have a date on Friday. *grin* Sean and I are going out for dinner in Cardiff while Jon hangs around with the guys from the office. So I think a glass of wine, a nice steak at Charleston’s (is Charleston’s too scary for a first date?) and then I can drop him off at Jon’s before heading home.

Gosh, this is so….old school romatic. You know. A proper date, dinner and all. *grin*

4 Responses to “Not so busy…”

  1. vatine says:

    No movie? Or is that reserved for the second date?

  2. bronchitikat says:

    So that’s why we couldn’t drop in on our son this w/e. Hmmm!

  3. asthmatickitten says:


  4. bronchitikat says:

    FAL! See you Fri lunchtime. I keep reminding Dad abt the cables. He keeps saying, “Yes”. So we’ll see.

    Sorry Aled!