I painted the first patch of green on the bathroom wall last night, which turned out to be not so bright as I remember it. Woot. Looks quite nice actually, though it may be a bit of a wake-up call in the mornings. Heh.

So Sean and I talked last night and didn’t keep going until silly hours – we were both knackered and needed some sleep, so we said our goobyes about 2330 or so. I settled down for a good night’s sleep…

…until about 0130 when the pager went off. We were asked to make an immediate response to search for a missing teenage girl in the Heath area of Cardiff. I got dressed, headed in and met Peter at the hospital. We were briefed and headed off to our search area – Llanishen Reservoir[1]. It’s a bastard of an area, and just as my torch was starting to die, we were called back in. Apparently Bronze Control[2] had decided to call off the search for now. It was about 0500. After a quick chat, I decided to crash on ‘s couch. Depending on the outcome of this search, there may be a rant forming. Maybe.

So now I’m at work, having had a total of about 3 hours’ sleep. Blarg.

[1] Apologies to the residents of the area last night who may have had powerful search torches flashing into their homes, especially if you live next to a large area of open ground or parkland.
[2] See

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