So life is good.

Work is going really well with a new way of managing my time. The long weekend was fantastic, with lots of time to do things I love, places to go, things to do, people to see…

…talking of which (see what I did there? Worthy of “This Morning” was that link), I have a new friend coming to visit in a few week’s time. We’ve been chatting by MSN…in some cases until 4am. We do seem to be getting on really well, he’s cute, a genuinely nice guy and hasn’t run a mile at my pictures and LJ entries, so he must be insane. I am, at the moment, in a really good place – even if nothing happens, I’ve got a cracking new friend who loves the outdoors.

This week I’m mostly going to be trying to sort the house out. I think it’s time to give the bathroom a facelift – coat of paint, some new accessories and a new lino are in order I think. B&Q, here I come. Green, I think I’ll paint it green…

One Response to “Woooaoaaoaoaoaoh, you make me wanna shout…”

  1. bronchitikat says:

    Seem to remember Max Boyce has a song about that. Something about “the signs to Heaven were all in Welsh/ those to Hell were painted green!” From the bad old days when various Welsh groups used to protest about being ruled by a foreign race in a foreign language.

    Come to think of it, there was that case of a girl in Carmarthen (area)not so long ago protesting about the local radio station not playing enough Welsh music (music with Welsh lyrics I think) & then her case taking weeks to come to court because they couldn’t find a Welsh-speaking magistrate. In Carmarthen, of all places!

    So anyway – yr bathroom written in English?