Well, it’s been a cracking couple of days.

Saturday we had another call to Dinas Rock where someone had fallen into the river and broken a leg. It was over extremely quickly – area call on a bank holiday weekend in Dinas Rock means loads of people.So after going back to base and stopping for a quick cup of coffee I was pondering the diesel situation, and thinking that I was going to have to stop attending for the rest of the weekend. So Mark asks me if I wanted some chilli, so I popped over to his place, where Rich and Natalie were joining us for dinner. So Mark, Chris, Rich, myself and various wives sat down to a meal of chilli and fajitas, with lots and lots of good wine. I had a fantastic evening, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sunday I’d organised to meet Jon and go for a bit of a bimble, so I quickly rearranged to meet him at Merthyr and we toddled off to Torpantau, where we headed up Craig y Fan Ddu and walked the tops over to the bomber memorial site. From there we ambled along under the crag line and headed off back to the forest, where we headed back down the river and along the waterfall. From there we headed back to the car – pictures to follow. So I headed home, tired but feeling good and sorted my laptop out with it’s wireless connection.  came on MSN and we started chatting…and talked…and talked….and talked. I had a bath, and we were still talking. I went to bed and we were still talking. Come four o’clock we suddenly realised what time it was and signed off…but damn, what a good talk. Time just flew – I haven’t talked like that to someone in a long, long time. I had such great fun – he’s coming to visit soon and frankly, I can’t wait.

So today, I’m knackered, though at last I have my BBQ back. It’s a cracking good one though it seriusly needs some TLC – oil for the wood, scrub and redo the enamel on the cooking surfaces, oh and it needs a gas canister. Hopefully I can sort all that out before Sean comes to visit. Right. Things to do….

7 Responses to “kaBoing!”

  1. mumsey_onroad says:

    Consider yourself warned: don’t let Jon fall off any cliffs, and don’t you dare harm one (silky smooth) hair on Sean’s head.

    *looks towards Wales over her glasses*

  2. asthmatickitten says:

    Oh gods…

    Aled, this is Elaine. Elaine, Aled. No hitting.

  3. taffyboy says:

    Hi there. Sean’s given me a brief intro to who you are. *waves*

    Rest assured, they’ll be perfectly safe with me. In those places, I don’t take unnecessary risks – I know far too well what can go wrong.

  4. bronchitikat says:

    It’s not the thought of being viewed severely over Canadian glasses which causes him to take care while out. It’s the thought that if anything goes wrong he’ll have to call out the rest of the team. Which means that a) he’ll be buying the beer for the rest of the month &
    b) they’ll NEVER let him forget it!

  5. mumsey_onroad says:

    Speaking of calling out the rest of the team … Even the professionals can have things go wrong.

    But I’m actually not worried (well, maybe a wee bit … but that’s my nature), and I’m hoping I can coerce Aled into taking me for a bit of a stroll next time I visit. As long as he realises I don’t ‘do’ heights without having someone to hold my hand. (Literally. I get dizzy and have this irrational fear of falling over. Tis fun.)

  6. bronchitikat says:

    Link – Eew. Bet Alex, Erik & Don are buying the drinks & featuring large in “How NOT to do it. But this is What to Do if it Does Happen” talks etc now.

  7. taffyboy says:

    Heh, not a problem. Let me know next time you’re in the area, I’ve taken Jon to some pretty great places in the Beacons and there’s lots lots more.