Aled Treharne on April 25th, 2006

Blimey, and I thought we had a busy weekend. Looks like the lads up North were even busier. So I have a date on Friday. *grin* Sean and I are going out for dinner in Cardiff while Jon hangs around with the guys from the office. So I think a glass of wine, a nice […]

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Aled Treharne on April 21st, 2006

I painted the first patch of green on the bathroom wall last night, which turned out to be not so bright as I remember it. Woot. Looks quite nice actually, though it may be a bit of a wake-up call in the mornings. Heh. So Sean and I talked last night and didn’t keep going […]

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Aled Treharne on April 20th, 2006

I finally got home about 2030 last night, complete with a pot of rather bright green paint and all the necessary bits to pain the bathroom a lovely bright Dulux Kiwi Burst 3. Unfortunately, the room needs a little work prior to putting the expensive paint on, so we stripped the border off and painted […]

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Aled Treharne on April 19th, 2006

Meh. There’s a callout in progress around here, but it’s a bit far from the office, so I’m not going. Young lad with neck and leg injuries is what we’ve had. 2 people have rung me to ask if I’m going, one to ask for a lift, one to offer a lift. I so want […]

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Aled Treharne on April 19th, 2006

Advanced Global Personality Test Results Extraversion |||||||||||||||||||| 86% Stability |||||||||||||| 53% Orderliness |||||||||| 36% Accommodation |||||||||||||||||||| 83% Interdependence |||||||||||||||||||| 90% Intellectual |||||||||||||||||||| 90% Mystical |||||||||||| 43% Artistic |||||||||||||||| 63% Religious || 10% Hedonism |||||| 30% Materialism |||||||||||||| 56% Narcissism |||||||||||||||| 63% Adventurousness |||||||||||||||||| 76% Work ethic |||||||||||| 50% Self absorbed |||||||||||| 50% Conflict seeking |||||||||||||||| […]

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Aled Treharne on April 19th, 2006

So life is good. Work is going really well with a new way of managing my time. The long weekend was fantastic, with lots of time to do things I love, places to go, things to do, people to see… …talking of which (see what I did there? Worthy of “This Morning” was that link), […]

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Aled Treharne on April 19th, 2006

Who Should Paint You: M.C. Escher Open and raw, you would let your true self show for your portrait. And even if your painting turned out a bit dark, it would be honest. What Artist Should Paint Your Portrait?

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Aled Treharne on April 17th, 2006

Well, it’s been a cracking couple of days. Saturday we had another call to Dinas Rock where someone had fallen into the river and broken a leg. It was over extremely quickly – area call on a bank holiday weekend in Dinas Rock means loads of people.So after going back to base and stopping for […]

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Aled Treharne on April 14th, 2006

Two callouts so far today, with a third ‘almost’. Both have been Hanglider accidents – interesting, since I’ve never been to one of those and now two come along in the same day. The first was a report of a hanglider down just south of Pen Y Fan, but when we arrived, the pilot was […]

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Aled Treharne on April 11th, 2006

While sat downstairs working on my laptop tonight, I was kinda catching up on TV in the background. I had some Sky+ programmes to watch – The Bill, Casualty, Supernatural – nothing particularly high-brow, but good background watching. So I ran out of programmes to watch and one that I was saving to watch with […]

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