Avalanche risk: Considerable (Cat. 3)

Today was even better than yesterday.

Dave and Wyn invited me to join them on an alpine-style ridge today. East of yesterday’s gulley, on the east side of the coire is a ridge called Fiacaill a’Choire an t-Sneachda, or the Fiacaill Ridge. Though there’s a path of sorts along the right of the ridge itself, we attacked the ridge head on, which Dave reckons bumped it up from a grade I snow and ice climb to a grade II or III. It was at times incredibly exposed – stood up jumping a foot-wide crack with only a 2′ wide platform and several hundred feet drop on both sides. Fun!

Coming back from the pub tonight, it’s snowing down here, so God only knows what’s happening up top at the moment.

On a different note, a college friend that I haven’t heard of in some 10 years texted me tonight. Nice to hear from him.

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