Yay, it’s my Birthday today, and I have to admit, despite being in work, it’s been fun.

When I got back last night from training, there were two cards waiting for me – one from Mamgu (via the post) and one hand-delivered from Nath. I wish he’d have popped by when I was there, but it was a really nice surprise, and a nice card too.

Today, I’ve had a great day. Pub for lunch with most of the office, this afternoon Judy bought me a cake and all of shared it down in the meeting room (my poor teeth!) and not only have I wangled a signing bonus for getting a new developer on board, the council called and promised they’d start processing Damien’s benefits. Between all that, and Scotland next Friday, I’m in a pretty good mood, never mind the sugar high I’m on right now.

Team exercise this weekend. Woo.

2 Responses to “Birthday!”

  1. apel says:

    Happy birthday!

  2. interior_lulu says:

    Happy Birthday 🙂