…according to SWALEC. I’ve utterly confused them.

The phone call went something like this:

SWALEC: Hello, can we get a meter reading please?
Me: Sure, it’s 2117.
S: Er, what?
M: 2117.
S: Er. Right. Can you check that again please?
M: Sure. 2117. Ok, to be pedantic it’s 02117 with a red 4.
S: Er, ok. Er, your reading seems to be lower than the opening reading for this account.
M: Really? How amusing. I had a meter reader here on the day after I moved in.
S: Er, right. Please hold.
*hold music*
S: Hi. Ok, here’s what we’re going to do. Give us a ring back in a week with another reading, and we’ll go from there. Your account has been placed on hold until then.

So I expect they’re going to extrapolate an estimate backwards, except I’m going to argue that one, since right now it’s the coldest part of the year, and I’ve only got all my computer stuff up and running recently, so they can get lost.

Oh, the joy.

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