From a mailing list that I frequent called UKNOT, which is made up of techies and pedants:

If the Creator had said, “Let there be light” in Ankh-Morpork^W^WUKNot, he’d have gotten no further because of all the people saying “What colour?”

Maria Blackmore on UKNOT (with apologies to Terry Pratchett)

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  1. korenwolf says:

    No different to afp (fair amount of crossover as it happens), though there would also be discussions about the smell of the light, the viscosity and how the heat from the light would affect the way bread rises oh and did you know that rye bread is very nice, particularly with a rather nice ham I got from that place, you know down that side street in Cambridge oh and don’t go to Swindon to get the bread because you’ll get caught on those roundabouts, oh and did you know how many variations there are on the basic roundabout form… and so on.