Gosh, two entries in such short succession…I may be in danger of becoming an efficient blogger.

Before I get into this post, those of you who go and visit the BBC article will notice a rather poor quality image on the top of a landrover at night in the snow (the snow is difficult to see). Well, that’s my picture, of Lima and Alpha at the Neuadd Pumphouse, taken on Thursday night just after we came off the hill using my trusty little SonyEricsson K750i. Woo. *grin*

Anyway, I’ve had a long weekend studying for the MCP exam I have on Monday (70-228 for those of your who care). I’ve been studying using the Dummies guide to the exam, which I have to admit, I’d highly recommend. Unlike most of the Dummies or Idiot’s books, this isn’t designed for people who have never seen the product before – rather it’s more of an ExamCram-style book – which is handy since the ExamCram series doesn’t have a book for this exam yet. There was a brief interlude on Saturday afternoon, when the pager brought my nose out of the book. A flare was seen over Dan yr Ogof showcaves, and we passed it to the Bridgend team as that was their area. From a conversation today I understand they had a nice play in the snow and nothing else. Today’s brief interlude was a trip over to the new Cotswold Outdoors shop in Llantrisant. Ooooh, shiny…

So my current method of study involves lying on the sofa with my materials spread out over teh sofa, my lap and the coffee table, and Sky playing on a radio station. Now I left London quite some time ago – getting close to a year now. Yet of all the radio stations I listen to from Sky, my favourites are all London stations – Magic, Capital, LBC and Heart – although Heart I’m avoiding at the moment as I quite like my wrists without large gashes in them for now thanks.

I’m finding this fascination quite odd – perhaps that’s why I love listening to London radio and reading people’s blogs. I like having the insight into someone else’s life. I’m sure someone else will psychoanalyse this and decide that I’m a closet peeping tom or something. For me, it’s just an amusing fascination with other people’s lives.

Hrm. I think that’s enough random ponderings for a Sunday evening. Back to the books I think.

2 Responses to “Random musings”

  1. abtrax_jimmy says:


    And yeah, try and avoid Heart….it will have you wondering around the house looking for rope and a securely fixed light fitting.

    Good to hear from you fella!

  2. taffyboy says:

    “Microsoft Certified Professional”. They used to be a joke, I can certainly tell you that this exam isn’t. This is my retest, I failed the first attempt (616/1000 with a pass mark of 700).

    So when are you coming up to Wales for a visit then? 🙂