Right, well, today was supposed to be a quiet day studying, but we had two callouts. The first was an area call around 1030 and was a casualty on the path above the Storey Arms. I know very little on this one, as I arrived as we got stood down, so I had a quick chat with a few of the lads (and ladies) and headed home.

I spent the afternoon with my nose in the books, before settling down to a late dinner about 2200. I’d not eaten half of it when the pager went off, and off I went leaving my dinner to go cold. We had a search for a missing gentleman in Tonyrefail which carried on until the early hours. What was different about this one was the response from the community. We had people out in droves looking for the old lad, dozens of locals scouring the countryside. It’s nice to see this kind of community support which is so often lacking from misper searches. More frequently, the response is apathetic, if not downright dismissive. Nice to see such concern and community spirit.

Now I’m knackered. Meh, work tomorrow…er…later…feck.

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