Yes, well, we all need a break and what started as a weekend of “Sod it, I’m not touching a computer this weekend.” ended up stretching into a week long avoidance just to get some relaxation in, coupled with being rather busy. Normal service should be restored now.

So there were two callouts on that weekend, one for a young lady who twisted her ankle and a second for a search for a missing diabetic. Both days Lynfa and I were out walking already, although some communications issues led to me almost missing the first.

This weekend we had our monthly exercise, which was great fun. I’m convinced that my fitness is getting better as for the first time since I can remember, I wasn’t burned out afterwards, and I certainly wasn’t the one at the back this time. Damien wants to start running in the morning, though I think that walking for an hour might be a better option, certainly over the mountain behind us.

I’m sure I had lots more to say, but time is short with lots of work pressing. Oh, we just had another callout. From “Stand By” to “Stand Down” (without any actual “Stand To”) was a total time of 4 minutes. Apparently the police and ambulance service have evacuated the patient safely. Nothing else available at this time.

Finally, a plug for another great blog that I read, this time it’s for a Magistrate whose comments on his cases and the state of the law are well worth reading. Right, need some time to kill the adrenaline now. Cup of tea, I think.

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  1. recursived says:

    I second the recommendation of the Law West of Ealing Broadway. It’s a great occupational blog, although the comments often get clogged up with police/police-haters and punitive/rehabilitation flamewars.