Yay! We had snow last night – had being the operative word in this sentence. I had a call last night about 2030 from Damien, telling me that the snow was falling quite heavily. Having reached the point where my head was spinning with AD crap, I decided to call it a day and head home to play. Dinner was on the cards when the pager went off, and with Damien in the car already (along with Arthur) I headed up the A470. Turns out the snow was heavy enough that we went on standby, and a dozen or so people attended base. In cases like this, where the snow is quite severe,  we will man base in order to provide an immediate response – with prolonged snow, it’s not unusual for the ambulance service to ask us for assistance.

So after 3 hours or so of sitting in base, the promised rain arrived and started melting the snow. We stood down at this point, as it was clear that the snow was going to disappear by morning, and indeed when I got back to the house, it was already rapidly melting. Pretty much nothing left this morning.

Progress is steady, but slow. Today’s been productive, although I’m still about 2/3 of a day behind schedule on this migration. This afternoon will see some 20 odd machines get moved from one domain to the other, so I’ll still have some work to do tomorrow. Joy.

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