Well, it’s well underway now with all the AD accounts moved to the new domain, the mailboxes slurped off as PSTs onto a USB disk ready for the move and everything nicely set up. I have to say that Microsoft is doing quite well on the security guides – their operating systems have gone from the insanely insecure (Windows 98) to having so many security settings you need a set of encyclopedia-like manuals just to get around. What they have done nicely though is GPO, esepcially with the new GP editor. The security hardening guides are quite nifty, especially since they come with a whole bunch of templates that you can use – which I did. They do take a while to get right and it is important to check them all over carefully, which is probably why I’m about half a day behind still.

So over the next hour or two we’ll start to see if everything is set up properly. I still need to migrate the public folders and some of the distrubution lists and security groups, but those should be fairly trivial. I suspect people will get upset at losing their rules from Outlook, but I’m hoping that Outlook/Exchange will “just cope”. Hey, I can dream.

I have to say this move is going better than expected – it’s just long-winded as I wait for various time-consuming tasks to complete and get the mind-numbingly boring ones sorted.

Oh, a quick thanks to  who helped me out with a quick exim recipe while large chunks of Janet were off having a Christmas break, thus taking the exim website with it.

Watch this space, as the next steps are to import the mail and test everything. Here goes.

2 Responses to “Windows stuff and things”

  1. interior_lulu says:

    hehe, so I can finally drop our zones for your zillions of domains… just let me know when!

    Any chance you’re going to be swinging by Brighton in the near future? Would be great to see you.

  2. korenwolf says:

    Not a problem, I’ll dig out that config fragment later to confirm how I do the bsmtp stuff. Currently I’m actually being evil and installing XP as a tertiary OS on atlantis so I can play AOE3 without kicking herself off the other machine.