Ok, so I’m a bit more impressed with Windows’ software RAID than I used to be (though it has been around 8 years since I played with it last – Windows NT).

Two disks, I want them mirrored, but I also want the system installed on them. Hrm, how do you install a system onto a mirrored drive when the software to mirror the drive only works when you’ve installed the system? Chicken and egg.

Windows Server 2K3 – simple! Install Windows. Convert the disks to Dynamic disks, reboot (twice), then select “Add mirror…”. It’s now synching.


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3 Responses to “Windows Software RAID”

  1. korenwolf says:

    Now yank a disk and see how it handles it.

  2. taffyboy says:

    Shush! Don’t upset it!

  3. taffyboy says:

    Actually, looking into it a bit more, it looks like it could behave quite nicely. Being software RAID (and Windows at that), it will probably want a reboot, but according to the docs, I just need to point the BIOS at the second disk to boot off and run with it. Which is nice. In theory. I have a feeling I’m going to be testing this shortly.

    Anyone know of a way of yanking an IDE HDD without blowing things up?