Er, decided after reading friends’ LJ to slap in a few more details. Before I do, I wanted to say that after this post from , that if I’d have had any money at all to help, I’d have bought the ticket and got you over first class. It looks from the next post like things were kinda sorted, but here’s big hug from accross the ocean. 🙂

Anyway, I popped home to see Dad and Maryann a week or two ago and took Damien for a quick spin. He loved it, thought was a little shy, bless ‘im. After hearing how little he was going to get from his family at Christmas, Maryann insisted that we both came back for Christmas. So we did. *grin* I’d been trying damn hard to try and get a laptop or a PC for him, mainly because he was on mine all the time, but he needed something and with his new IT course starting in January, I figured he’d want something. Thanks to Stu, I managed to get a cracking Dell laptop for the piddly little money I could afford to spend, and so on Christmas morning I had the utter delight of watching Damien open his present and stare at it like he couldn’t believe his eyes. He spent the rest of the day playing with it, and managed to ring every single person he knew to tell them what he’d had for Christmas from me. Nathan chipped in with a little wireless LAN card and after configuring my access point when I got home, Damien’s been wandering around the house with his laptop like it’s surgically attached to him. He’s over the moon, and it’s incredible to see him so happy about it.

Christmas day itself was great with all the trimmings and we stopped off at Lauren’s house on the way back where I got to spend some time talking to her parents, who are a bunch of really nice folks. They’ve invited us both up for dinner before the New Year, but I’m not sure I can get that sorted because of work.

So at the moment, life is pretty good. I’m missing two things in general, that’s the council’s money for Damien, because the people who sort out housing benefit are being crap; and someone to cuddle with on the sofa. The first is going to get sorted soon, and in fact Damien’s asked if I would be his legal guardian, and wants me to claim benefits for looking after him. Now, I have to admit that I’m one who doesn’t like taking handouts, but I can’t think of a more deserving person to get benefits, and if I can help him, then I’d love to. I am going to spend some time looking into the guardianship thing a bit first though.

Anyway, time for a spot of lunch now.

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  1. abtrax_jimmy says:

    poor kid!!

  2. anonymous says:

    As I said – I do read your blog.

    Its just been a little while.