Seems that this time of year is popular for despondents, as is Pembrokeshire – must be the cliffs.

The latest was a search yesterday that I was called to on the way into work. The BBC has an article on it. We spent pretty much all day trudging through fields looking for this chap, but indications are that he headed down to the beach, where the track disappeared.

Had an interesting conversation with Sam, one of the girls on the team. She’s a psychologist and is going to be doing talks on the psychological impact on searchers of things that they find, such as dead bodies; and how to recognise the symptoms of the associated problems. I’m quite looking forward to that.

Highlight of the day: Being the senior team member present (except for the driver) and as a result, sitting in the front navigating, operating the radios and sirens for the 2 hour drive down to Fishguard.

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