Well I had an interesting morning today. Ever been ice-skating in a Landrover? I was a little busy to take pictures of the ice-skating cars around me, but I did get this when I woke up this morning. That’s my snow-covered Landy in the bottom right.

As you can see, I live on the side of a hill. Getting into the village was interesting and that’s what turned into an ice-rink much later on. I didn’t get to work until about 1030.

I’ve uploaded lots of photos some of which I’ll be referencing here, some of which I’ll just comment or label suitably on Flickr, so keep an eye on my Flickr place. This is one of the ones I like – letting flares off outside the mountain rescue base last night.

So generally things have been quiet recently. A few updates are due, which I’ll write when I’m not at work. Gosh, two updates in one day, that’ll be a challenge for me…

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