Well, this week is rapidly establishing itself as a screamer as it’s already Wednesday night. It’s been flat-out busy at work and private life hasn’t been much less hectic.

I spoke to my stepmother today. They think that she’s had a relapse of her breast cancer, so she’s going into hospital next week. What with her angina and she’s on Warfarin, its’ all a bit dodgy, but she’s getting ready and the Docs are doing everything they can.

Cadets is the usual joy at the moment – it’s exam time for them and it’s awfully boring. Hopefully what with me on my BELA course at the moment and some good sessions coming up, we’ll have some training done and out of the way so we can get them out on the hills as soon as possible.

I have another training course coming up – a dog handler course by the people who train guide dogs for the blind, as I’ll be looking after one next month. This I’m really looking forward to – a bit of company for me and some fun, although I’ve only got him for 10 weeks and this does mean I have to get a dog guard for the car.

Right now I’m still stuck in the office since we’ve got a machine that was supposed to be dispatched earlier today but we’ve discovered a really deep problem. Two of the developers are still working on it right now, and I’ve got a few things to do on that box before we pack it up. I’m back in at 0630 tomorrow morning then to hand off to the courier. Joy.

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