Gosh, it’s been busy recently. A few interesting bits and bobs, including a callout I didn’t blog (sorry!) and a few items. In fact, checking back, I’ve missed quite a few things. Eeek.

Firstly, I saw this today, which  will like.

Nathan is still popping around regularly and we cuddle on the couch, watch movies, drink wine. Usual stuff. It’s nice and (at the moment) not too head-fuck-y.

Last weekend, I spent down in Penarth on a BELA course which is quite fun. Get to meet fun and pretty people. (letch!) After some quick fishing, I’m hoping that I can get a Terra Nova tent that I really want for silly cheap (which is still about £150, but that’s down from about £400). Stupid thing is that it’s only 2 man. *sigh*

Last night was amazing. So much so in fact that I had to call Nath to talk about it, but more about that in a sec.

You know sometimes you feel like you’re just plodding along not making any difference? And then sometimes, just sometimes, something comes along and gives you that 100,000,000 volt shock that makes you realise that something you did made a difference?

Well last night, while giving some cadets a lift one of them turned to me and told me the story of the scariest night of his life (his own words). Now this cadet isn’t stellar. He regularly fails to keep his uniform in any kind of semblance of good order, he’s got so very litle initiative and very little common sense. However, he recently was at a sleepover where a friend of his had a grand mal seizure and feel unconscious (he’s not only epileptic, but also has diabetes and had a very low blood sugar level). This cadet reassured the other people there, put the lad mid-seizure onto his side to help him breathe, told the others what to do and called an ambulance before getting the parents out of bed (not the casualty’s parents). All this from some first aid training he’d had on squadron. I was almost in tears. After talking to the staff, we’re going to see fi we can get some kind of official recognition for this.

So on the way I was driving along, just thinking about things. As I pull up outside the house I suddenly, out of the blue thought “I want to talk about this with Nathan”. I walked the 3 feet into the house and as I did, I get a text from Nath saying “You ok? Any news?”. Just random. So we talked for a bit, but once again, WTF? We do this so often…

Ah well. Back to work.

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