Well, what a fun-filled weekend that was – and for once I’m not being sarcastic.

Friday night and Saturday night I had friends around to try and help me drink some of the leftovers from the housewarming party. I’m now out of Guinness, and most of the Grolsch, but I still have Hoegaarden and plenty of Kronenburg left.

Saturday we were marshalling the Roman Run which is an annual run from Brecon to Cyfarthfa Castle in Merthyr. Now it’s one hell of a pull up from Brecon to the top of the Roman Road (which crosses the Beacons at Bwlch Duwynt in between Cribyn and Fan y Bîg), but that’s only the first third. After that, it’s  a good old slog down to the bottom and back up the wonder that is known as Sanitorium Hill – it;s a bloody hard run. Nothing much happened other than I spent the day outside relaxing and enjoying myself.

Unfortunately, Mark called to tell me his grandfather had died, which wasn’t a huge shock. I called Nathan to tell him and found out that Nathan was in Bristol with Gav just pottering about, which kinda hit me hard – probably because that’s what we used to do. So Lynfa, who was coming back on Sat night to get drunk at my place, and I sat in the car complaining about impossible love. We went home and got uproariously drunk – I haven’t laughed that hard for a long long time, and it was Good.

Sunday was the monthly exercise and we had a good day. Summer is most definately over and we had a long search with a tough carry-off to do. Halfway through, someone spotted a large yellow budgie flying around, and indeed it did turn out to be 169 up from Chivenor practising winching on Pen Y Fan. After a quick chat, they came over to help and airlifted us and equipment to the casualty site, but had to run off before we could get them to take us back down as well. A lot of things learnt and it was nice to get out again and walk the mountains.

Next weekend is the SARDA assesment weekend, which I’ve booked Friday off for. Should be most interesting and fun.

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