No, this isn’t a rant saying that Cristians are idiots. In fact, I should probably replace “christians” with “religious zealots“, however…

Looking for a book on Amazon, and I came accross a comment on a book called “The Veritas Project”. I was looking for a book on Veritas (now Symantec) BackupExec. The comment read:

I saw the word Veritas in the title and knew it was somethign to do with Christianity – I’ve been around Christianity for so long I’ve seen that word lots.” (paraphrased, since I couldn’t be arsed to expend the effort to find it again).

Bloody hell, veritas is latin for truth you prat. As in In vino veritas?


6 Responses to “Idiot christians”

  1. korenwolf says:

    Yes but there’s a bunch of the more bigotted xians who believe that they have the only version of the “truth”, therefore every book referring to the truth must be about them.

  2. recursived says:

    Oh, I don’t know, it’s very easy to get God and Robert Kilroy-Silk mixed up…

  3. korenwolf says:

    They’re both orange?

  4. recursived says:

    They both had daytime TV shows.

  5. korenwolf says:

    I wonder which was more popular. 🙂

  6. recursived says:

    Have you ever heard of the God Channel? ‘Nuff said.