Todays’ rant of the day is Sysadmins making DNS changes when they know shit all about DNS.

Me: Yup, I can see the CNAME’s been changed on that zone, but your hosting company’s forgotten to update the serial.
Customer: Ok I’ll tell them.

A few days go by…

C: It’s not working.
M: They still haven’t updated the serial.
C: Ok, I’ll tell them.

Repeat, ad nauseum. This has been going on every other day for 2 weeks now. Today’s conversation was slightly different:

C: It’s still not working.
M: Look. Go to <URL showing SOA query for this domain>. Look at the serial. It’s not changed. Until it changes, nothing will happen.
C: Yeah, but look at <URL showing CNAME for this domain>. They’ve made the changes.
M: Yes but it doesn’t matter a damn what else they change, it won’t take effect until THEY CHANGE THE FSCKING SERIAL. *fume*

3 Responses to “Rant of the Day”

  1. interior_lulu says:

    Um, talking of DNS…

  2. taffyboy says:

    Um, arr, I have a reply, half-written waiting for me to get a Round Tuit to finish it off to you. 🙂

    Basically, the whole “must set up my home office-cum-mini-datacenter” thing is a little behind schedule. On the bright side, I’ve unpacked everything and bought the shelves. This means the office has a pile of shit in the middle of the floor and a set of shelves I haven’t had a chance to put up yet. *sigh*

    *Hopefully*, callouts and visitors notwithstanding the shelves go up tonight, which means the office gets sorted this coming week. We’re getting there.

    Sorry. 🙂

  3. interior_lulu says:

    Ok, well, let me know when you’re ready for us to drop the zone files. You’re not on MSN these days, have you changed your userid?