Er, yes, well, apologies for no updates, I’m sure I’ve missed a callout for here, but it’s been incredibly busy recently.

Sunday just gone we had an exercise with the crew of 169 who flew up from Chivenor to play with their FLIR. Great fun, but a few things:

1. If you see a helicopter landing next to the road, where there are lots of people with yellow jackets on, landrovers with flashing blue lights and bright orange smoke drifting in the wind, don’t just slam on the brakes and stop the car in the middle of the road. Whilst most of your fellow drivers will do something similar, chances are they won’t be watching you.

2. If you see a helicopter out at night, the crew are probably wearing NVG’s, so don’t shine your torch at them. It’s not funny.

3. If you ever find yourself having to jump into a Sea King, try not to bash your shins on the edge of the door. It’s sharp, and it hurts.

Marshalling the Roman Run this weekend, followed by this month’s exercise. Woot.

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