Cardiff won. Bugger.

Good game though, lots of good plays and some tense moments. Man of the match (chosen by Mistral) was the Blues’ No. 8. So why is that important?

Well, you see, Kat, Marketing Manager-type person at Mistral was given the task (as the organiser of the event) to chose the man of the match – Mistral was the match sponsor. So she and her marketing side-kick chose the guy before the whistle blew – before the kick-off whistle that is. Yes, it wasn’t at all based on the quality of the game he was playing (as at the time they hadn’t see him play any). Instead they chose him because of the quality of his arse. Of course, he wasn’t the best looker on the pitch – that would be too obvious. So they chose the second best. Fortunately he played quite well and it wasn’t in fact at all obvious that he was chosen for his non-rugby “attributes”. Typical of Kat really, she likes things that are all looks and no substance.

Tonight, I’m not going training with MR, despite there being the chance of a HeliX, I’m off down the squadron to finish briefing the cadets before this weekend’s DoE practise walk.

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