Ra, right, well, I’ve recovered enough to talk about the weekend now. *grin*

So Saturday night was fun, with about 20 people turning up to the party, which was quite a good turnout. I went to bed around 0530 so it was a fairly good night. I was wondering at one point if Nathan was taking the piss when he gave me his housewarming present – a teacup and teapot for one person. Hrm. If I didn’t know any better… 🙂

So it’s been very quiet recently on the callout front. We’ve been looking at various drugs that we carry in training which is quite interesting. I’ll post somethign about some of the drugs we carry later, because some of it is quite interesting.

Last night was a parade night at the squadron whre I found out that there’s a wing DoE bronze expedition practice this weekend. So a quick training session last night on route cards and some more playing this Thursday – MR is getting bumped this Thursday for ATC.

Finally and quite amusingly, Dan, my director has had his blog slashdotted, and some quite amusing comments. His blog entry was on the usefulness of Comp Sci degrees in industry and is quite interesting in and of itself, though he didn’t expect as many comments.

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