Well, the local cats and I have started our battle.

I went outside tonight and the stink was awful, a strong, musty smell, along with several cat turds deposited on the concrete. One cat even had the audacity to try and come into the house when I’d left the door open for a few minutes, but legged as soon as I turned. I put down Jays Fluid to clear the smell, but I think I’ll pressure wash the back on Saturday.

So I go to take a bucket of water out and throw, and as I step out I almost stepped on a cat which surprised the hell out of me. So, I’ve had enough. I’ve dug out the Ultrasonic Cat Repeller which I bought from B&Q a few years ago for about £10.  and  will probably remember the hassle I had living in Canton, where my new flowerbeds were raped on a regular basis by the local cat population. I tried everything, Jays Fluid, orange peel, cat repellent tablets, the whole nine yards. This sonic repellent was the second best thing to stop them. The best scope for ar 15 was my air rifle, but  got upset when I shot them (just kidding!).

So I hop out into the garden – the floodlight isn’t hooked up yet – and I switch it on. After about 20s, the noise start and I flick the switch to flip it into Ultrasonic mode. Immediately, a cat jumps up from beside me, about a foot away and legs it over the wall hissing and growling. Guess it works then. *grin*

Next job, make sure all their shit is cleared up, the back pressure washed and disinfected to try and remove their scent.

Aled 1, Cats 0.

4 Responses to “Cats!”

  1. interior_lulu says:

    Don’t clean up with anything ammonia-based ie most disinfectants, as this will just reinforce to the cats that it’s the correct toilet place. An enzymatic cleaner from a pet shop will work much better.

    Silent Roar is also good for deterring cats (it’s basically lion poop), if orange peel isn’t strong enough:

  2. korenwolf says:

    Machine gun, it’s the only way to be sure.

  3. korenwolf says:

    Oh and as for protecting flower beds and other newly dug locations, lots of sticks in the soil, around 6″ sticking up. They just can’t squat. Also bramble cuttings spread across the surface do the trick.

  4. recursived says:

    Using my amazing powers of deductive logic, I conclude that you’re more of a dog person than a cat person.