Well, that was the first night out in Senghenydd.

We went down to the local and got drunk. Very drunk. The locals were great, we spent much time talking to the locals and having drinking competitions and stuff and things (us being Mal and me). It was cool, we met loads of locals, better still, not only did we get a lock in, but when cashflow was poor, the landlord lent us £20. Now that’s the kind of pub I like. Totty galore in the pub, it was most nice to ogle so many cute guys. Now Mal and I have, after having a gin tasting session and deciding that Plymouth Gin is better than Bombay Sapphire, decided to go to bed, so g’night you sober people otu there.

Night night.

One Response to “Are you local…?”

  1. interior_lulu says:

    And Millers is even nicer than Plymouth 🙂