Well, my shower is in – Peter came up tonight to help me replace the old crap one with a far more powerful one which gives a good flow, so now I can have a reasonable shower. However something came to light during the whole event…

We needed to replace the MCB as the old shower had a 32A one and the new one needed a 40A. When Peter took the consumer unit apart ready to install the new one, he noticed that due to a loose connection, the main feed from the meter had fried slightly, damaging the 100A main RCD and the sheath of the tail. This means that I need to replace the (relatively expensive) RCD and also look at replacing the tail which means a visit from the Electricity Board. He said that if I smell smoke to call someone immediately and that I was lucky that the house hadn’t burned down. Yet another thing that the annoying cow that I bought this house from has left me. On the bright side I think the Water board just sent her a bill for about  £1k outstanding, as they asked me for her new details. *evil grin*

On the bright side, this power outage fixed my Sky+ box so now I’ve got all the channels I should do.

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