Aled Treharne on September 30th, 2005

So, last night was much fun after a long hard day at work. One of the project managers’ who’d been aroudn for some time was leaving yesterday so we went out and had a few drinks. I bowed out after one and headed off up to base for training. Last night was a medical night. […]

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Aled Treharne on September 29th, 2005

Wow. That was some rain last night. The last time I saw rain like that was in the states. I didn’t go above 20mph going through the village last night, with roads knee-deep in water and rivers bringing down the rubbish from the mountain. You could see how bad it was this morning from all […]

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Aled Treharne on September 27th, 2005

Looks like it’s made the BBC news site. We’ve not heard any more on this.

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Aled Treharne on September 26th, 2005

You Are A: Monkey! Monkeys are intelligent and agile, well-adapted for jungle life as they swing happily from tree to tree. As a monkey, you are a social animal who eats a wide range of food, is quick to learn new things and loves to climb. A monkey’s tiny primate features are irresistable, as is […]

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Aled Treharne on September 26th, 2005

It’s been a fun weekend. I got to look after an 18 month old Labrador/German Shepherd cross called Weston this weekend. He was absolutely gorgeous, and a wonderful dog. Sat we spent pottering around the house and Nath popped up for dinner. He adored Weston and much fun was had. Sunday, Weston and I went […]

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Aled Treharne on September 23rd, 2005

Last night’s debrief shed some more light on the last shout we had. Apparently, a 75 year old gent and his 60 year old wife had drive from Cardiff to a layby near Cowbridge where they sat in the car having a drink. She decides that the call of nature is too strong and pops […]

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Aled Treharne on September 22nd, 2005

So Reynolds has the same opinion of “Golden Hour” as I do – I watched it last night and just turned off halfway through. It’s even worse than Rock Face aka Rock Farce was. He also goes into some detail about sternal rub – , you may want to remember this. 🙂

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Aled Treharne on September 21st, 2005

It’s 2010 and right right in the middle of an episode of Stargate SG1, it’s BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP. The message comes through after a scramble to get changed and grab my kit – the team is on standby for a search for a missing female. I grab my stuff and fill the car, and the […]

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Aled Treharne on September 21st, 2005

Well, amongst other things, I have been going through my clothes. They’ve been a bit scattered since the move and today I had a good sort through and sorted out the bedroom a bit better. I went through all of the trousers I had and before hanging any of them, I tried them all on. […]

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Aled Treharne on September 18th, 2005

Wow. It’s just not stopped this weekend. It started badly as I was late picking up the cadets for the DoE practice. I think I broke my Landy last week too, but it’s driveable though with care. We got to Abergavenny squadron and started off badly as we watched the cadets turn the wrong way. […]

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