Well, Steve and Ally came and stayed, although Ally fell ill and they didn’t actually achieve what they wanted to. It’s been a long week, with lots of to-ings and fro-ings between the house, B&Q and a local plumber’s trade counter (fraction of the cost of B&Q and far better). On the bright side, it means the oven is now sorted and multiple wonderful meals ahve already been cooked.

Wednesday would have been our anniversary, and my phone, my computer and just about every electronic device capable of reminding me did so. I’ve deleted all those reminders now and spent a thoroughly miserable evening in a drunken stupor moping on the couch. I spoke to Nath and he was ill, and knew exactly what date it was, which is ironic, because he never did when we went out together. *grin*

Sky got installed and I am now reveling in the joys of Sky+, watching my favourite programs when I want to, regardless of callouts or social life. A few nice things: Steve recorded a programme that he thought I might enjoy when I was out; you can record two programmes and watch a recording of a third at the same time; you can start watching a recording before it’s finished recording it; instant rewind, for those uber-totty moments. *letch*

I also finally have got some new tyres, BF Goodrich A T/A’s, which were uber cheap from ATR in Abergavenny (plug). They’re incredible, the difference is scary.

Mal’s 30th was on Saturday and he was most amused with his present, a nice shiny new GPS. We had much fun Sat evening before being dragged out of bed at silly-o’clock on Sunday morning to go and do the horseshoe (though not quite exactly that route). It was a good day, though bitterly cold in the wind on the top of the peaks.

Sunday morning, 0631 awoke to the insistent tones of the pager. A search in Builth Wells for a 16 year old girl. Off we go, I headed to base where I was lucky enough to see the Landy hadn’t left, so I in I jumped. As we were being briefed, the police pulled up and informed us that she’d been found. Apparently she’d got a little drunk the night before and following a brief chat with her parents, she decided to go outside and be ill from where she wandered off.

So the nice policemen bought us breakfast at the Greyhound in Builth, which I’m sure made the hotelier crap herself as some 35 MR personnel walked in for breakfast (when “food” is mentioned, our numbers magically swell, it’s an amazing sight, like moths to a flame). Mal and his missus, Dave and I decided to go for a bit of a navigation practice and we spent the rest of the day bimbling over the beacons looking for random small features. We met a group of four lads on their DofE Gold expedition, and shortly afterwards, a woman was seen waving and shouting at us. We guessed that she thought we were the DofE group, but she was insistent that we should head towards her. So, if nothing else but to pre-empt a callout, we headed up to her. Dave was the first to arrive, and she was already startin to look a little confused “Hello. Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team – are you in need of assistance? You seemed to be trying to attract our attention….?”. A most startled woman proceeded to apologies profusely for dragging us about 500m up to the top of the ridge for nothing as we pointed her in the direction her lads went.

We walked off about 1630, and by that time, my boots were definately “squidgy”, so I stopped off in Nath’s for a shower and a change of clothes. Mmmmmm, power shower. *big grin*

So my boots are stuffed with newspaper drying in the house, now in need of another proofing. My new Bluetooth GPS unit arrived today and having played a little with the iPAQ and TomTom it works perfectly. Just need to sort out a battery for my iPAQ and some cables now. Tonight I intend to relax in front of the telly, and maybe sort my kit out. Oh, and Peter is coming up tomorow night to fit *my* power shower. 🙂 Woot!

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