Well, it’s been a fun weekend. The BBQ in Matt’s was great, much good food and alcohol was consumed. My intention to blog on the go was scuppered by the LJ client I was using crashing all the time, so that didn’t work. More research is going into LJ clients, possibly even moving my bolg somewhere else, but we’ll see about that. The move isn’t related to the client, just something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

Steve and Ally came up to visit and my new oven arrived. No cooking yet, as the previous owner removed the fitting from the main pipe to connect the oven, so I need to sort that out pronto.

Er, other than that, not much. There was a callout on Sunday which I missed because I was in London, hopefully there should be another one soon. 🙂

Oh, on a random note, if you’re having trouble with mysql as I was this morning, creating a copy of a database that has keywords as column names or as index names, use the –allow-keywords option.

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