Last night’s training was much fun with bum belays, crocodile walks and human racks, also known as snake belays. All of which are ways of using several people as a “friction device” to put friction on a rope when lowering or raising a stretched over steep ground. T’was quite interesting. Next week is a big session on drugs which looks very interesting as I’ve been talking to Chris, our pharmacist already about it.

I’m also tryin to arrange shifts with the Welsh Ambulance Service and possibly Prince Charles hostpital to bolster the medical qualifications I have with a little experience.

The house is coming along, with bookshelves sorted so I should be able to move everything out of the spare room, which means I can shove shit in there. A few potted plants have appeared so I think the house is *almost* getting in order. I do need to sort out the office though.

This weekend is promising to be good, with a BBQ with Matt and Yudit in London, which I’m really looking forward to. It does mean I’ll mix the exercise on Sunday which is a shame.

Oh, and on another note, apparently an alleged statement made by another emergency service this week went along the lines of “Don’t bother calling Mountain Rescue, they’ll take hours to get here.” This has, somewhat unsurprisingly got few backs up, especially as we’re regularly on-scene inside of 15 mins from the initial call. We regularly have a number of people (20+) there within 25 mins. This is all unconfirmed rumour at the moment of course.

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