So tonight’s callout was probably quite quiet. That would be because it seems that some people didn’t get the original pager message to inform us there was a callout. Frustrating, but these things happen. Much confusion was abound as people who didn’t get the original message did get the stand down. A quick flurry of messages later and everything calms down, more investigations to follow.

All of this highlighted one thing to me, which was that my messages were garbled and truncated. So thanks to free paging on Voda’s website, I’ve done a long and very boring survey of the house and found out that I get crap reception in the middle of the house and downstairs. So living room couch is the worst place (typical) and bedroom/office or the front hallway are best. *sigh* Bloody technology.

Other than that I’ve been pretty much vegging out tonight after my good intentions of cleaning the house were scuppered. Note to person or persons who borrowed my Dyson recently (you know who you are), Dyson + Concrete powder = reduced suction. That’s right, I’ve found a way to kill the Dyson. On the bright side it was only sucking badly because the filter was completely clogged up, so having washed it, I’m now waiting for it to dry before I can clean house. Of course I could have unpacked some boxes, but I watched Taggart instead. “There’s been a murrrderrrr.”

Right off to noddy land, I’m knucking fackered.

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