So, a friend of mine has been having some interesting times recently.

An incident occurred at his workplace and he didn’t follow procedure since the procedure isn’t really useful and is mainly there so that senior manglement can be kept informed when the proverbial hits the fan. Previous failures to follow procedure have gone unnoticed. But they now have a new piece of manglement in place. That middle manager decided that my mate should be punished for this incident and as a result effectively gave him a paycut, without warning.

To cut a long story short, following a discussion with a legal-type board member, the decision’s been reversed as they didn’t follow procedure. All looks good, and the sun is starting to shine in his little world again.

David 1, Goliath 0. 🙂

One Response to “Corporate whoopsies”

  1. interior_lulu says:

    decision’s been reversed as they didn’t follow procedure

    Oh, the irony!!