Just finished a quick snack after coming back from the squadron tonight. Loads of people are off on camp, so there were only a few there tonight, so I got asked to run a session on maps and navigation. So we started with grid references and it was a storming success. They were all breezing through the stuff by the end – I just hope they remember it for next time. 🙂

Just chatting with Joe at the moment whom I haven’t spoken to in ages, looks like he’s coming to visit. Woot! 🙂

2 Responses to “Yes, sah!”

  1. malc says:

    I nearly purchased a box of those OS map symbol cards the other day. Found them in Smiths in Oxford. Not too expensive either.


  2. taffyboy says:

    Ooh, like these?

    Not bad. They are quite cheap – and in Welsh! Welsh pictures! Er, what?