Well, after helping people with their computers and stuff on both Thursday and Friday night, I decided that Saturday was going to be a day of getting the office sorted. Sorted it got, through I did overrun into Sunday, with the result that I couldn’t go bodying with SARDA on Sunday. The shelves went up fine, as did the desk, and we’re now up on ADSL (yup, posting this from home). However, I have discovered what happens when you try and drill a hole through a lath and plaster wall with a masonry drill bit. Hrm. Polyfilla and expanding foam are on my shopping list this week.

On an altogether more sober note, the callout today was initially nice to get, as it’s been so q-word recently. However, the casualty was a 60 year old gentleman who had a suspected heart attack above the Ystradfellte reservoir. Although we got there as quickly as possible, the gentleman had passed away before we arrived and we ended up carrying his body back to the waiting ambulance. The walkers who were with him were quite upset, so after we’d made sure they were OK we left for home. Unfortunately, one of our number had a little bit of a bump while coming down a country lane on the way to the shout and was stuck waiting for the recovery vehicle. I stopped to say hello and have a quick chat, and after that, we headed out towards Penderyn where the ice-cream van is on the road between Penderyn and the A470. We got our photographs taken by two photographers who were out, well, taking photographs.

So anyway, an eventful day to round off this week. Tomorrow night I’m off down the squadron again, then back here – still no roleplaying yet, far too much work to do in the house.

2 Responses to “Long weekend”

  1. jero says:

    Good to hear from you darling. Sorry to hear the shout was a bad’un 🙁

    Hope to see you in gorgeous Brighton some time in the not so distant future – you’re always a zillion times more than welcome 🙂

    big hugz

    xx P xx

  2. taffyboy says:

    Hey, *far* too long no see. You and Alex need to organise a weekend when you can come up and visit! 🙂