Apologies to my regular readers who aren’t technical. My blog is going to become over the next few weeks a mish-mash of personal, work and rescue-related comments. You’ll find technical tidbits about running various systems for a SME, things about MR and various technical and medical stuff I come accross and also personal comments and rants.

Latest fun thing is that we had a page last night to say that next Wed we have a fun exercise and training on Thursday is cancelled because of it. *grin* I’ll provide more detail closer to the date.

Oh, and I went to see The Fantastic Four last night. Ioan Gruffudd was looking distincly old…makeup or am I getting old? I mean he is ….OMG…he’s 33. In particular, Chris Evans who plays Johnny Storm was very cute. Nice. 🙂

Talking of getting old, it’s Nath’s birthday coming up. The Grand Master Plan for this birthday present has been put on hold, and I got some chill-out stuff from Lush instead until I can get some time to sort it out. Pretty much resigned to the situation now, but I’ve realised I don’t like living on my own much so I think it might be tim to go hunting again. 🙂

Anyway, enough for now. Toodlepip.

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