Aled Treharne on August 30th, 2005

Wow. Well, Steve and Ally came and stayed, although Ally fell ill and they didn’t actually achieve what they wanted to. It’s been a long week, with lots of to-ings and fro-ings between the house, B&Q and a local plumber’s trade counter (fraction of the cost of B&Q and far better). On the bright side, […]

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Aled Treharne on August 23rd, 2005

Well, it’s been a fun weekend. The BBQ in Matt’s was great, much good food and alcohol was consumed. My intention to blog on the go was scuppered by the LJ client I was using crashing all the time, so that didn’t work. More research is going into LJ clients, possibly even moving my bolg […]

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Aled Treharne on August 20th, 2005

Well, this is the first post from my new toy, a little iPaq. It’s got many cool toys, including a GPS and satellite navigation software. as you can also see it’s got an LJ client. Woot! Anyway. time to head off now. I’m off down to London to a BBQ. see you!

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Aled Treharne on August 19th, 2005

Last night’s training was much fun with bum belays, crocodile walks and human racks, also known as snake belays. All of which are ways of using several people as a “friction device” to put friction on a rope when lowering or raising a stretched over steep ground. T’was quite interesting. Next week is a big […]

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Aled Treharne on August 18th, 2005

Right well, so much for a nice relaxing day of getting on with some work. Comet just called, they can’t deliver today and they’ve rebooked for Monday. Aarrgh. Bastards.

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Aled Treharne on August 18th, 2005

It’s a work from home day today, which is nice because I’m trying to decipher the mysql character set and collation file format in order to hack mysql into supporting Welsh (don’t ask). The nicest thing is that this is such a headfuck that I can, when my mind starts wanting to seep out of […]

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Aled Treharne on August 17th, 2005

When you send email it goes to a server which has some software on it which decides how to send it on. There is a bit of software on the other guy’s server which also decides what to do to it. These are caled Mail Transfer Agents. There are lots of MTAs out there, but […]

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Aled Treharne on August 17th, 2005

Transcript of a recent conversation with a colleage: Colleague: tar -cvf -X bar.txt foo-20050802.tar * C: This command appears to be shite. It started to archive, but still added all the files in bar.txt and also created a file called ‘–X’ ! I must be doing something elementary wrong! What is it? Me: syntax: tar […]

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Aled Treharne on August 16th, 2005

So tonight’s callout was probably quite quiet. That would be because it seems that some people didn’t get the original pager message to inform us there was a callout. Frustrating, but these things happen. Much confusion was abound as people who didn’t get the original message did get the stand down. A quick flurry of […]

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Aled Treharne on August 16th, 2005

So, a friend of mine has been having some interesting times recently. An incident occurred at his workplace and he didn’t follow procedure since the procedure isn’t really useful and is mainly there so that senior manglement can be kept informed when the proverbial hits the fan. Previous failures to follow procedure have gone unnoticed. […]

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