No, I’ve not been playing bingo. 🙂 I’m finally in, yes I had the keys last Friday and I’ve spent the weekend getting my stuff moved in. It took quite a while and included some choice moments as lowering a sofa out a second story flat balcony in east London (pictures to follow).

After the bombings the other day I dropped a friend from LAS a line to say hi (hey Rich) which was nice. Hopefully we can grab a pint next time he’s back in Wales.

It’s been busy as hell, with not much happenning on the “organising my stuff” front, that is it’s mostly in boxes around the house. That’s mainly as this week has been hectic as hell what with SARDA SGM’s, cinema with Nath (OMG, The Descent scared the crap out of me), back home to grab a few things and then up to base for training tonight, but I’ll be home early I think. This weekend is going to be mental as well, with the Big Cheese in Caerphilly, where I’ll be representing both SARDA and the Air Cadets. Joy. 🙂

For all you adrenaline junkies out there, it’s been…y’know…that “q” word. Opposite of noisy. See, we don’t say that out lod because as soon as we do we get a callout. 🙂 Nothing for the last week…could do with a nice shout now actually. 🙂

Anyway, once my DSL is back up, you should see regular postings. For now, sayonara. (I think?)

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