So I’ve promised myself I’ll update this a bit more than I have been. It’s going to be full of random crap, but I’m going to try and post something about all the callouts we get as well, so that people get an idea of what it’s like.

Last night was the mega-debrief covering the last week (we debrief on Thurs night before training and it usually covers the last week, i.e. one incident if we’re lucky. This one covered a total of 6 incidents!). Lots of interesting comments about procedures and radio traffic, lots of good comments about how the incidents were handled and (a small) pissing contest (caused by miscommunication) between South Wales and Dyfed Powys police forces (they left the incident as friends).

Today we had another callout, but I didn’t attend this one. I’ve been a bit busy at work today doing an install for one of London’s Strategic Health Authorities, so when the call came as a search for a 14 year old girl I got stuck. It only lasted about 2 hours so that was a quick one that I’ll find out about next week, or probably Sunday actually as we’ve got an exercise.

I’ve been thinking about moving blogs as well away from LJ. I’d like it to do more clever things for me. We’ll see.

2 Responses to “Promises, promises.”

  1. recursived says:

    Let us know how you get on in the world of non-LJ…

  2. malc says:

    Today we had another callout…

    Bu**er! Did we?
    My battery died about 5 am this morning so I switched it off. I’d forgotten about it ’til you mentioned that.