Even more calls. Got another on Tuesday, about 0930, but I decided not to attend that one as I had too much work. It got stood down shortly after.

Stayed late in work to catch up, but about 2000, a call came, male with leg injury in Sgwd yr Eira in Ystradfellte. So I called Mal, picked him up and he navigated for me up to Penderyn where the RV was. Got there pretty quickly and headed in with just my personal kit. MR Medics were on scene already, and they treated the teen lad who had fallen from behind the watrfall and had a fairly deep laceration on his leg. Rescue 169 again came in to assist, and it was a great call despite running up and down the gorge sides like a yoyo getting things.

So we headed back with that “job well done” feeling, and came accross the lad’s father, sat on the floor with two medics with him (one is an RN and the other is an Ambo officer). ECG was out, along with Oxy and PulseOx and the word quickly came back that he had chest pains while returning. So we treated him for a while – I wasn’t involved in the medical side, but a touch of Salbutamol nebulised eased his pain considerably. We decided to carry him down to the road and hand him over to the county ambulance. By the time we got out of there it was gone 2300, so Mal and I headed back to base to clean kit before grabbing dinner from Tesco’s. 2 for the price of 1, not a bad night all in.

Yesterday I spent in Brummy land clearing out our offices, and got my latest two shiny toys. A nice HP 4100 Laser printer and a cracking Xerox/Tektronic colour dye-sublimation printer. Nice. 🙂

Last night after I left, I met up with Nath. Not good, I was tired and ratty and took it out on him which was unfair. I must watch myself when I’m tired. He’s not responded to my text yet so I can apologise, might draft him an email shortly.

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